Avatar: Complete Book One Collection

This is the first full box set of the first avatar season, containing the five volume discs which can be purchased seperately, along with a bonus content disc. Anyone who is an avatar fan, i would recommend buying this set instead of buying the $20 individual volume discs, as this collection is currently around $45 on amazon, which saves you a lot of money.

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 The main outline of the show is the four nations have been at war for the past 100 years, with the Fire Nation determined to start a worldwide empire. Aang, the avatar (master of all four elements) is the only person who can stop the Fire Nation's terronious act, and bring peace to the world. I highly recommend that you purchase this set, and explore the enviroment, and be wrapped in the suspensful action as you watch the protagonists and antagonists duel using their bending expertise.

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