Exorcism of Emily Rose

Based on a true story, this film is both a riveting courtroom drama and a first class chiller. A Catholic Priest (Tom Wilkinson) is on trial for homicidal negligence after performing a failed exorcism on Emily Rose, devout college girl (Jennifer Carpenter) now dead from assorted wounds and malnutrition.

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Laura Linney plays Erin Bruner, the priest?s defense lawyer, and Campbell Scott plays the chief prosecutor, who argues persuasively that Emily was likely suffering from psychotic epilepsy and could have been saved with hospitalization and medicine. The demonic possession unfolds in a series of spine-tingling flashbacks and as it does so, the initially doubtful Erin is visited by evil forces and her own soul seems to be at stake. More than a criminal negligence case, the trial becomes about the importance of recognizing the limits of rationality and the possibility of a world beyond the visible. In portraying the extent to which wildly different belief systems have splintered modern society this film could...

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pucca: #exorcism_of_emily_rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a really awsome movie. It made me think about what people go through if stuff like that happened. I believe that the movie told people that there is real people that sometimes have that happen to them. I believe they should of found Father Richard Moore innocent because it was not his fault she died. He was trying to help her in a way nobody could think would happen. He tried his best but the demons refused to leave. If people believe in god why don't they believe there is a devil and that demons can take over peoples bdoies. If there is a Heaven then there has to be a Hell. In the Bible it says that the devil is a powerful person then why don't people believe he can't take control of somebody. This movie really showed that there is another side and demons are real. I loved this movie and I have watched it a thousand times. It made me think a lot about demons and possession. Now I do a lot of research about possessions.

Feb 21, 07
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