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In Our Bedroom After the War

$12.00 Released September, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Fantastic album. Fresh and new, but still retains what makes Stars great.

The Cons:Prefer orchestral sound over piano and synth. Some songs sound too similar to one another.

In Our Bedroom After the War is the Stars followup album to their critically successful Set Yourself on Fire that launched them into the international scene in 2005. While the previous album featured strong orchestral elements through the heavy use of string instruments, the current release sees Stars go in a different direction relying on the piano, and more synthesizers.

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Some songs are considered as being right at home in 80s synth pop.

Originally slated for release on September 25th, 2007 the album was leaked early onto the Internet. To combat piracy the band released the album on iTunes two months early in July, only six days after they finished recording in the studio.

Track Listing

  1. The Beginning After the End - 2:20
  2. The Night Starts Here - 4:53
  3. Take Me to the Riot - 3:48
  4. My Favourite Book - 4:05
  5. Midnight Coward - 3:45
  6. The Ghost of Genova Heights - 4:35
  7. Personal - 4:07
  8. Barricade - 3:51
  9. Window Bird - 4:44
  10. Bitches in Tokyo - 2:50
  11. Life 2: The Unhappy Ending - 4:16
  12. Today Will Be Better, I Swear! - 5:49
  13. In Our Bedroom After the War - 6:46

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    Fantastic album

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    Fresh and new, but still retains what makes Stars great

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    Prefer orchestral sound over piano and synth

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    Some songs sound too similar to one another

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Omar: #in_our_bedroom_after_the_war I saw the Stars last night in concert, and it was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to. They chose Starlight, which is a pretty small venue in Waterloo, to kick off their new tour. It's the first time they've played live in a year, and this was the first time that they played many of their new songs live. Needless to say it was pretty incredible.

What was also incredible was the ridiculous set list. Including the SECOND encore they played 22 songs in total! Everybody was eating it up and the vibe between the band and the audience was electric. It was intimate, and interactive, and they play an amazing live show.

The music was fantastic of course. I haven't listened to a lot of their new songs, but after hearing it last night I'm picking it up on iTunes. If you like Stars at all then pick up this album, and do yourself a favor and see them live. Sep 5, 07
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