Invader Zim - Vol. 1 (doom doom doom)

$25.00 Released January, 2001
It is the first in a three-disc series, originally released individually but re-released in 2005 as a set. The popular series was co-produced by Jhonen Vasquez, a well-known artist whose short-series "johnny the homicidal maniac" virtually catapulted to fame in an esoteric sense.

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True to the same roots, Invader zim hit nickelodeon in the early year of this millenia with admittedly lackluster success, and was cancelled by nickelodeon for lack of demographic appeal. But in letting it slip through the cracks, nickelodeon lost a shining jewel of animation. These discs, released in 2004, salvage the past and bring this dark science-fiction-meets-mundane-futurism release into the forefront of the grandiose.

List of Episodes

1.Unaired pilot episode (half length)
2.the nightmare begins, part 1
3.the nightmare begins, part 2
4.bestest frient
6.parent teacher night
7.walk of doom
9.dark harvest
10.attack of the saucer morons day
12. battle dib
13.planet jackers
14.rise of the zitboy
15.invasion of the idiot dog brain
16.bad bad rubber piggy
17. a room with a moose
18. hamstergeddon

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