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Kurt Cobain About a Son

$22.00 Released October, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Nirvana story as told by K.Cobain. Cool visuals and actual footage supporting the interviews. Interesting soundtrack without any Nirvana songs.

About a Son is a documentary featuring excepts of audio-interview recordings Michael Azerrad conducted with Kurt Cobain in the early 90s.  The visual backdrop of the movie features very interesting graphical representations mixed with actual footage of the places and people in the story.

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Product Shot 2  The recordings allow Kurt Cobain to tell his side of the over-sensationalized Nirvana story in his own words.  This really strips away the glam and provides a real human-side of the story that makes a lot of sense and gives real insight into what Cobain really thinks...he loves music....he is lazy...he has a twisted view on society....he deals with severe stomach and back pain....he doesn't like people that much.   The soundtrack features music that Cobain listened to and helped form his musical sound.  There are no Nirvana songs in the soundtrack....but they started as a CCR cover band anyways.   Michael Azerrad used these recorded interviews as the basis for his book, "Come As You Are", which is a fully-sanctioned Nirvana biography.

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    Nirvana story as told by K.Cobain

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    Cool visuals and actual footage supporting the interviews

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    Interesting soundtrack without any Nirvana songs


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