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Life in Cartoon Motion

$10.00 Released March, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Wide range of emotions represented. Perfect for fans of Elton John and Queen. Album as a whole is easy to listen to from beginning to end.

This is the first album by Mika, a new pop British recording artist. Mika's voice is reminiscent of Freddie Mercury of Queen and tracks on Life in Cartoon Motion have the feel of 1970s pop and disco.

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  Popular songs off this album are "Grace Kelly" and "Relax, Take It Easy".

Track listing

  1. Grace Kelly – 3:09
  2. Lollipop – 3:05
  3. My Interpretation – 3:37
  4. Love Today – 3:57
  5. Relax, Take It Easy – 4:32
  6. Ring Ring
  7. Any Other World – 4:21
  8. Billy Brown – 3:16
  9. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) – 4:10
  10. Stuck in the Middle – 4:11
  11. Erase - 3:38
  12. Happy Ending – 4:30
  13. Over My Shoulder – 4:42

Criticism and controversy

Life in Cartoon Motion has received very polarized reviews from critics including 4 out of 5 from the London Evening Standard, and more notably a 1 out of 10 from Drowned in Sound which prompted Queen lead guitarist Brian May to lash out in response, defending Mika, on his blog.

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  • 2

    wide range of emotions represented

  • 1

    perfect for fans of Elton John and Queen

  • 1

    album as a whole is easy to listen to from beginning to end

  • 1

    tracks tend to embody a diverse range of styles

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    lots of stand-out singles that can be mixed in with other playlists

  • 1

    vocals are artistic and charming, draw you into the singer's experience

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    overall fresh sound not copied or overly derivative of existing styles, despite the occasional homage


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Erik: #life_in_cartoon_motion I just checked out his MySpace page. "Grace Kelly" is like a cross between Queen and Scissor Sisters. Interesting, but I don't think my cup of tea. Definitely not worthy of the horrible reviews. Apr 25, 07
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Infomaniac: #life_in_cartoon_motion Amazon has samples of each track so you can get a feel. I love Big Girls, Lollipop and Relax, Take it Easy. Apr 25, 07
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ruthers: #life_in_cartoon_motion The one song I've listened to is "Grace Kelly" which is pretty good. I haven't really listened to the other songs yet. Apr 25, 07
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