Macgyver - The Complete Series Pack Gift Set

$203.00 Released October, 2006
A pack of DVDs which includes all 7 seasons of the popular TV show "MacGyver" running from 1985 to 1992. Watch as MacGyver (played by Richard Dean Anderson) disables a land mine with a piece of string, explodes a lock using freon, or makes a phonograph out of a piece of paper and a safety pin.

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MacGyver goes against all odds in getting out of a sticky situation, often employing the available air tanks or trusty duct tape to get the job done.

The pack includes 38 discs featuring all 139 episodes of the one-hour action/adventure program. Each episode has an approximate running time of 45 minutes.

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DVD geek
DVD geek: #macgyver_the_complete_series_pack_gift_set Why is the first season so much bulkier here? it looks way more neat in Europe where every season looks more equal sized except season 7 that has fewer episodes. Aug 16, 16
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dakalvia: #macgyver_the_complete_series_pack_gift_set MacGyver always seems to find pressurized air tanks in the strangest places...THANK GOD! Otherwise Murdock would have gotten the best him 5 times over. I am humming the theme song as I write this....Dot-dat-da-ta! da-ta-da...doo doo too do.... Nov 30, 06
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SilenceOmo7: #macgyver_the_complete_series_pack_gift_set I will fashion a DVD player out of a piece of string and a PVC pipe. Then I can watch a guy use a piece of string and a PVC pipe to blow up a boat. YAAA TV! Oct 12, 06
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Erik: #macgyver_the_complete_series_pack_gift_set I would've liked to see some more interesting packaging for this set. Perhaps covers made out of duct tape or an included bamboo shaft that can easily be manipulated into a blowgun to be used to replace your remote. I love MacGyver. He coaches a hockey team, disarms nuclear missiles for the government, and fights bad guys. What's not to love? Oct 11, 06
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