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Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything

$9.89 Released April, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Retro 8-bit style video game noises. More "authentic" sounding guitar, less synthetic. Hybrid of many different styles.

The Cons:Only 26 minutes of actual music. Hardcore Rush fans may object to the distortion of "Tom Sawyer". Missing bonus tracks found on vinyl.

Parental Advisory: Mature Content

The fifth studio album by the New York City Band Mindless Self Indulgence. You'll Rebel To Anything is the first album from the band to reach the Billboard. An Expanded and Remastered version will soon replace the old version of the album in the U.

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Product Shot 2S. The new version contains the unedited version of Mic Commander, and new tracks including La-Di-Da-Di (previously found only on the vinyl version of the album), Make Me Cum (previously unreleased demo), and Wack!(previsouly unreleased live recording).   
 Band Personnel: Little Jimmy Urine (Lead Vocals, Programming), Kittty (Drums), Lyn-Z (Bass Guitar), and Steve Righ?(Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals).

Track Listing

Shut Me Up - 2:48
1989 - 1:57
Straight to Video - 3:44
Tom Sawyer (Rush Cover) - 2:24
You'll Rebel To Anything - 2:32
What Do They Know? - 3:08
Stupid MF - 2:25
2 Hookers & An 8-Ball - 2:17
Prom - 2:29
Bullshit - 2:40
Mic Commander (Clean Version Only) - 2:02

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    retro 8-bit style video game noises

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    more "authentic" sounding guitar, less synthetic

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    hybrid of many different styles

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    unique cover tune of "Tom Sawyer"

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    builds on previous album, even more catchy tunes

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    only 26 minutes of actual music

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    hardcore Rush fans may object to the distortion of "Tom Sawyer"

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    missing bonus tracks found on vinyl

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meNNis: #mindless_self_indulgence_you_ll_rebel_to_anything MSI is an awesome band, and this newer album offers a more 'refined' so-to-speak type of sound than previous albums. However, both sound as well as lyrics are not for the faint of heart! Very off-the-wall sound for those not involved with this genre of music! Jan 7, 08
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