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$25.00 Released April, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Made on a $7000 budget while still being fantastic. New take on time travel. Makes you think.

The Cons:Can be difficult to follow. Non-nerds may find it boring.

At night and on weekends, four men in a suburban garage have built a cottage industry of error-checking devices. But, they know that there is something more. There is some idea, some mechanism, some accidental side effect that is standing between them and a pure leap of innovation.

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And so, through trial and error they are building the device that is missing most. However, two of these men find the device and immediately realize that it is too valuable to market. The limit of their trust in each other is strained when they are faced with the question, If you always want what you can't have, what do you want when you can have anything?

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  • 3

    Made on a $7000 budget while still being fantastic

  • 2

    New take on time travel

  • 2

    Makes you think

  • 2

    Re-watch it and discover something you missed the first time

  • 2

    Excellent examination of the concept of recursion

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    Can be difficult to follow

  • -3

    Non-nerds may find it boring

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Erik: #primer So, you see, there's an 'A' end and a 'B' end. You get in the 'A' end and come out the 'B' end...OK, I'll sum the Primer time travel concept up in a nutshell. At any point in time if you sum the number "yous" (plural of "you") going forward in time and then subtract the sum of the number of "yous" going backwards in time inside the box you should get "1" as a result. Unless of course one of you dies. Got it? Sep 10, 06
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ahmad: #primer Love it, watched, watched, watched etc... explain? Sep 7, 06
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