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Project Quick Cash

$77.00 Released November, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Newbies or beginners can take advantage of most of these methods.

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Project Quick Cash is a new ebook product from Alok Jain.  He has created several other products that have been quite a hit.  This ebook however, he promises to be the best out of them all.

In project quick cash Alok claims to have revealed five tactics that he uses everyday to make $1000+ on the Internet.  I have had the pleasure of getting a review copy of the ebook.  Having the experience I have I am a good judge of the methods.

Methods 1 and 2 are pretty good.  With these you can make around $20 a day.  Not nearly $1000.  But $20 a day is an extra $600 a month, which is a nice supplemental income.  However, you can duplicate the same methods and increase that number exponentially if you do it right.

Methods 3-5 are the real meat of the book.  It offers strategies on Adwords advertising, and getting quality clicks for less than a cent a visitor.  This strategy I have just begun testing and have seen amazing results.  I actually grossed about $250 in one day with this strategy and a good campaign.  Of course you will need "some" experience to maximize the benefits, but Newcomers can take advantage of these too.

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    Newbies or beginners can take advantage of most of these methods


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Erik: #project_quick_cash If I'm wrong, then how do you do it? Oh, wait, you can't say, because then people wouldn't $BUY$ the book and you'd be poor too. (They'll be poor either way) Nov 28, 07
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leadgenwiz: #project_quick_cash Yes, you are. LOL, That's why you're poor. Nov 28, 07
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Erik: #project_quick_cash Great. A book on ways to make the Internet that much s**tier for the rest of us, so you can make a few extra bucks. Let me guess: parked pages, fake blogs, Adwords arbitrage, and link spamming? Am I wrong? Nov 25, 07
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