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Product Shot 1 The Pros:Decent attempt at hard science fiction. Interesting premise - a dying sun. Cool visuals of the sun.

The Cons:Tries too hard to be scientifically accurate. Falls apart in the end. Confused - is it suspense or sci-fi?

Sunshine is a science-fiction suspense film that hit US theaters on July 20th, 2007. It is set in the year 2057, where a crew are given the task of reigniting a dying sun to save Earth and all of humanity.

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  • Directed by Danny Boyle
  • Produced by Andrew Macdonald
  • Written by Alex Garland
  • Starring
    • Cillian Murphy
    • Rose Byrne
    • Cliff Curtis
    • Chris Evans
    • Troy Garity
    • Hiroyuki Sanada
    • Mark Strong
    • Benedict Wong
    • Michelle Yeoh
  • Music by
    • John Murphy
    • Underworld
  • Cinematography Alwin H. Kuchler
  • Editing by Chris Gill
  • Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • Release date(s)
    • United Kingdom 6 April 2007
    • United States 20 July 2007
  • Language English
  • Budget GB£20 million

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  • 1

    Decent attempt at hard science fiction

  • 1

    Interesting premise - a dying sun

  • 1

    Cool visuals of the sun

  • 1

    Great score by Underworld

  • 1

    Tries too hard to be scientifically accurate

  • 1

    Falls apart in the end

  • 1

    Confused - is it suspense or sci-fi?

  • 1

    Mediocre acting at best

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dakalvia: #sunshine Might I recommend a little gem known as MXP....Most Extreme Primate......best chimpanzee action since MVP 1...man, does that chimp know how to play hockey! Aug 20, 07
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Erik: #sunshine This film was touted as the best science fiction film since 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I've seen it, and they lied.

I'm a huge fan of hard science-fiction, and I'm pretty annoyed by the fantasy stuff that gets far too often labelled as "sci-fi". The people behind Sunshine obviously made an attempt at creating a true sci-fi film by hiring a scientific consultant, and you'll see that in the film as all distances, times, calculations, and physics are accurate. However, the story is uncompelling. It's almost like they didn't know what to do in the end, and it dissolved into a ridiculous suspense (almost gore) thriller. I was left with an empty feeling, not the more desirable wonder when sci-fi is done correctly.

See Primer instead.
Aug 20, 07
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