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The Slip

Released May, 2008

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"As a thank you for your continued support, we are giving away the new Nine Inch Nails album one hundered percent free..." Free from the confines of his previous recording contract, Trent Reznor wasted no time in taking advantage of the newfound freedom.

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The predecesor to Ghosts I - IV (a two disc set of instrumental tracks), The Slip was written and recorded in a couple of months. Originally intended as an EP, the project grew into a full fledged album. As a thank you to Nine Inch Nails loyal fanbase, the album was released by The Null Corporation (Reznor's independent label) completely free of charge. Retail copies are now available, containing an extra DVD with five music videos.

Track Listing

999,999 - 1:25
1,000,000 - 3:56
Letting You - 3:50
Discipline - 4:19
Echoplex - 4:45
Head Down - 4:55
Lights in the Sky - 3:30
Cornona Radiata - 7:34
The Four of Us are Dying - 4:38
Demon Speed - 4:59

Download the album free at: www.nin.com

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