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$17.00 Released November, 2006

Product Shot 1Wordplay is a documentary film by Patrick Creadon about crossword puzzles. The first half of the movie is focused on the New York Times daily crossword. The Times puzzle is famous for its subtle cleverness, and daily increasing difficulty.

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Product Shot 2 The documentary relies heavily on commentary from Will Shortz (the editor of the NY Times puzzle), and from celebrity Times crossword fans including Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, and Mike Mussina.

The second half of the film follow four crossword phenoms as they compete in the 2005 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. The tournament happens annually in Stamford, Connecticut, and was founded in 1978 by Will Shortz.

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Amanie: #wordplay The funny thing about this movie is that it actually made me want to do crossword puzzles. I've never really done one, but everyone just made it seem like fun. I think there's a big difference between taking 2 minutes to do one and 2 hours though. Maybe that's why I don't find them appealing. Dec 6, 06
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SilenceOmo7: #wordplay I never thought I would see a movie about crossword puzzles, but here we are. I might see it because John Stuwarts in it. Dec 6, 06
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Erik: #wordplay I saw this movie on the weekend and found it very entertaining and intelligent. It's amazing what goes into the proper construction of a crossword puzzle, especially the Times puzzle. I was fully expecting this to be a fairly boring documentary, but in the end I was pleasantly --9 letter word for sudden, unexpected. Dec 6, 06
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